About Machilipatnam Municipality

Machilipatnam Municipality is 2nd  largest ULB in the Krishna  District of Andhra Pradesh.  It is spread over an area of  26.67 Sq.kms. with a population of 1,70,008/- (2011 Census) it is known for/Famous for its Imitation Gold and edible Sweets especially Laddu.
Location :
It is located  110 kms. From Capital City and  0 kms. From District Head Quarters. It was established as 3rd  Grade Machilipatnam Municipality in the year 1866.There are 5 zones/and 42 Election wards in this Municipality.
Topography :
The town is located on the east coast in the Krishna District at Delta region at a distance about 6.4 km from sea.  Compared to other coastal towns, Machilipatnam is situated on a generally flat terrain with a level difference of about 2 to 3 meters between the maximum and minimum levels.  The town is situated at a level of about 1m to 0.6m above MSL.  The Bandar canal passes through the outskirts of the town.  The natural ground slope of the town is in general from southeast direction towards Bay of Bengal.
Climate and Rainfall :
Machilipatnam Town general has a Tropical climate, Winters last from November to February, while summer last from March to June. The annual rainfall is 147mm, most of it received during the months of May, October, November and December.
Demography :
The population of the town which was 1,83,370 in 2001 increased to 1,70,008 in 2011 with an decrease of  0.9% in the last decade. The sex ratio is 1003 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate is  94.79%, 90.59% of the male population and 93.59% of the female population are literate.
Economy :
During the year it is an estimate an amount of Rs. 38.50 crores as receipt by way of Taxes and Non-Taxes and other receipts. And an amount of Rs. 35.40 crores expenditure  incurred. Surplus is 1.09 crores.
Environmental Issues :
The town generally has a pleasant climate except in the months of April to June when it becomes quite hot.  Recorded maximum and minimum temperatures are 39.40 C and 17.60 C respectively.
    Machilipatnam is one of the worst cyclone affected areas of Andhra Pradesh. Generally during the months of November, depressions develop in Bay of Bengal and in most of the time it passes through Krishna and Guntur Districts.  As a result huge rainfall occurs during this time.  Because of very high wind speed and heavy showers the town becomes highly affected with huge property loss. The recorded highest annual rainfall in the town is about 1470mm. Nearly 75% of the annual rain fall occurs during this time predominantly from south-west.  During the heavy rains about 30% of town area will be inundated causing huge loss of property.
Urban Poor :
Under “NTR Bharosa Pensions” 4848- No. of Old Age Pensions, 5346-Widow Pension, 2137-Disabled Pensions, 201-Weavers Pensions & 21- Toddy Tappers were distributed in every month. Under SEP Loans – 710, BC Loans-820, SC Loans,-720, ST Loans-230, Minority Loans-310, No. of Beneficiaries were identified, Relevant Applications forwarded to concerned banks were sanction of loans.
History & Culture :
Machilipatnam town has been the Head quarters of the District since the British period till date. It is also the Head quarters of a Revenue Division. It is a trading centre for the Agricultural produce of its hinter land. It has also developed into an important centre of education with a good no. of schools and colleges located here. Noble College was established in 1864, it was 1st College in Andhra Pradesh. National College was established in 1910. There is see in the east side. Machilipatnam constituted in a Municipality in 1866, 2nd Municipality in India. Machilipatnam is the one of the oldest town which was known to be a great port town on the eastern costs of the Country.
  Andhra Bank and 1st Insurance company was started in Machilipatnam. The 1st Police Station of India is Robertsonpet Police Station. The famous temple Sri Panduranga Swamy temple was built in 1929.