In Machilipatnam the Vana Bharathi Jana Harathi Programme has been conducted under the leading presence of “Eenadu” organization at Municipal Park. This event has been commenced by Municipal Chairperson Shri M Baba Prasad, the event has been followed by plantation taken up in the park. Commissioner Shri M Jaswantha Rao and many officials participated in the event. The target is plantation of one lakh saplings in Machilipatnam and 5 lakhs including the surrounding areas of the town. This programme raised the task that everyone should plant trees at schools, temples, parks and individual houses so as to increase green cover for the good of people and to improve healthy atmosphere by achieving a livable place free from pollution, increasing temperatures and unexpected heavy rains. The saplings have been planted along road side, schools, temples, head water works, Jewelry Park, banks, etc.